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A women's-only online community to transform the way you think and eat after weight loss surgery

Helping women after bariatric surgery shed pointless one-size-fits-all advice and find real-life solutions to fuel physical and emotional well-being. 

Forget eating "perfect" and create a sustainable bariatric blueprint to balance blood sugar and maximize your tool for life beyond weight loss surgery.



You didn't have weight loss surgery to "diet" the rest of your life. If you want to:
– Stop being a slave to food and properly fuel your body
– Be active and out-going with family and friends
– Forget using food to soothe and develop healthy coping skills
– Travel comfortably and without restrictions
– Build life-long sustainable habits

This is the place for you. 💚 

Start living the life you crave and learn how to work with your body – not against it – by focusing on blood sugar balance and eating for "real-life" after bariatric surgery.

Dive deep into topics like: 
– How to manage macros after weight loss surgery
– Meal planning tips and bariatric-friendly recipes
– Enjoyable ways to exercise and build strength
– Mindset strategies to ditch the dieting mindset

Forget the overwhelm and conflicting information and save time and energy with dietitian-guided, community-driven support. Get answers to your questions, discover personalized solutions, and finally reach your goal weight once and for all.

Founded by Bariatric Dietitian Kayla Girgen, RD, you'll receive practical, personalized, and professional support in a convenient, down-to-earth setting.

What's included

Your membership includes everything you need at your fingertips. Seamlessly access any of the community content from a personal computer or mobile phone, including:

– Interactive online discussion feeds
– Bariatric workshopping calls and live chat events
– Step-by-step DIY Macros tutorial
– Bariatric Book Club and recipe share
– Personal messaging with a Bariatric Dietitian
– And so, so, so much more!

Cancel at any time; no minimum commitment is required. 

What other women are saying

Kayla is amazingly supportive, kind, and knows her stuff! Her program brings all of these qualities to a community of like-minded ladies. Though we are all in different places on our journey, everyone is encouraging and empathetic. 

My favorite part of the membership is the flexibility and Kayla's great attitude and responsiveness! I feel like she truly cares about my success. If you're looking for support, guidance, and practicality, this is the place for you!

Ashley C.
VSG, August 2022

I had VSG in Mexico, so I never had much support after surgery. I found Kayla on Instagram and loved her down-to-earth approach. I love how she reminds me that perfection isn't the goal; it’s OK to make mistakes and focus on the positive.

Although I have personally lost more weight from being a part of Kayla's membership, I enjoy it because it’s a constant reminder that I am more than just someone who had VSG. 

Erin A.
VSG, August 2021

I’ve learned a wealth of information from Kayla. Through her informational posts and live support calls, I've enjoyed learning so much! 

I appreciate having a strong support system by having a group of amazing women on the same journey as myself.

Nicci H.
RNY, October 2017

I have learned more from Kayla compared to the aftercare with my surgical clinic. I knew a few things, but Kayla pointed me in the right direction and toward a better way of thinking. For that, I am thankful.

Kayla is great and very supportive. She knows her stuff and educates you without making you feel like you are messing up. She is always available to answer questions and has great feedback & information. She is an amazing support for your journey!

The group of ladies is very supportive and fun. I look forward to our live calls to see how everyone is doing! Everyone has become a great support system and is at different stages of their journey, so it's helpful to hear their struggles and tricks to get through them or just to know you’re not alone!

Jess F.
VSG, February 2022

This program helped me when I was feeling lost and “stuck” on my journey. 

The resources are very helpful, clear, and concise, and I love the daily posts. I was able to get myself “back on track” and feel like I have direction again. 

The women are super supportive and encouraging, and Kayla’s involvement and knowledge are top-notch. 

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this program. 

Katie F.
VSG, September 2021

Kayla's program has been a blessing. Being over 1-year post-surgery, and now with minimal clinic support, I found the daily feed thought-provoking and helpful for recommitting to the basic post-op principles.

Anyone looking for support in a non-clinic setting, this program is for you. Kayla keeps it real-life with a fun twist. 

Gwen K.
VSG, Decemeber 2020

Kayla’s guidance has been super helpful in my weight loss surgery journey. Being with others who may be struggling with similar issues and having their support is also very motivating.

Kayla's encouragement and down-to-earth approach is a great fit for me. She keeps it real.

I like that the membership combines nutrition and mindset with a mix of self-care and exercise. You will not regret the program.

Heidi J.
VSG, March 2021

Kayla's program has so many different ways to engage. You won't be bored! She is there to support you 100%. The group members are supportive as well – always positive and uplifting. 

Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Amy G.
VSG, August 2020

I was sleeved last year in Mexico and having surgery out of the country, I felt like I missed out on support groups and nutritional information. 

Kayla program coaching was something I needed! She has a very informative and laid-back approach to what my diet should look like after VSG.

I just love everything about Kayla and her approach to life after VSG. It truly helped me where I needed it most!

Alyssa B.
VSG, August 2021  

Without Kayla, I would be on the edge of a teeter-totter trying to figure out what I need to do. She provided great resources to help with my journey and support during downtimes when I struggled. 

Along with the other members, I would agree she is the one to work with if you had VSG or gastric bypass. I will continue with her through the rest of my journey!

Linda H.
VSG, May 2022